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Life Sentence


Twittering Tales #112

Life Sentence

Their son’s court appearance was being held today.
His crime, killing his younger brother.
The brothers were ignorant of the fact they both had the same girlfriend.
The son found his brother in bed with her.
It’s the girlfriend he should have killed, not his brother.  ©Hélène Vaillant

272 (characters)  Twittering Tales #112 – 27 November 2018 – The Bucket List (write a story in 280 characters or less)


The Well


Twittering Tales # 111 – 19 November 2018

Written for: Twittering Tales # 111 – 19 November 2018   (tell a story in 280 characters or less)

The Well

Dad managed to get the well flowing again. Several days later we discovered all the people in the village that had mysteriously disappeared over the years. To the top of the well, they floated one after the other. Our water was contaminated.

247 characters



Twittering Tales #109 – 6 November 2018   – picture prompt: tell a story in 280 characters or less

Every morning was the same ritual.
Kiss an empty frame, offer flowers and a prayer.
I asked her who she idolized.
“Me!” she said.
“See my reflection, there?
I don’t see my crippled body in that reflection, only my face.
Normally all I see is my disability and can’t see Me.”

(278 characters)

The Way-Stone


Sue Vincent

Written for:

Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Way-stone #writephoto


The Way Stone
Grandfather had many stories to tell us. Today he had a wish to go back to the Way -Stone. At his tender age of 102, he had seen many travellers on this trail.

Granting him his wish, on a bed of duck feathers, we carried granddad towards the Way- Stone.

“Nature has changed. Trees have grown where there used to be a clearing. The Way- Stone was a guiding light when I played here as a lad.” said Grandfather.
“You see all the ground stones set up in a row here?” he continued.
“These are the burial sites of our ancestors. They lived on this land with the Way-Stone.”

Pointing a bit forward to a concave area in the grass, he asked me to go forward and brush the grass with my hands.
Sweeping grass to the side I uncovered an anchored door.
I opened the door and peeked inside.

Down below was a beautiful ray of light shining on a bed a grass. Next to it was another bed with my grandmother’s name inscribed on the blanket. A skeleton lay on the bed.

My grandmother had died 15 years ago and we never knew where granddad had buried her.

Grandfather gathers us all together and then solemnly says:
“Today you will leave me here, put me down on my bed alongside my dearest”.


Pumpkin Patch

Written for:  (in 280 characters or less)

Twittering Tales #107 – 23 October 2018


Pumpkin Patch

“Don’t go play too far George!” yells mom.

But George wasn’t there.

Panicked she runs to the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkins’ are carving their own Halloween structures.

George is there, light coming out his eyes, nose and mouth.

A big pumpkin grabs mom.

She joins George up on the fence.

(279 characters)

As the World Turns



Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 58

Key Words: use at least 2 or more

  1. Whiner
  2. Patience personified
  3. Pessimist
  4. Testing Times
  5. Doer
  6. Jilted Lover
  7. Circumstantial
  8. Devoted

Sonia loves being in charge,  a member of St. Thomas Church she officiates all activities delegating duties to volunteers.

Her devotion is to the Virgin Mary.  Every afternoon, at 5:00 PM,  she leads the congregation saying the Rosary. Sonia is a doer; she is pleasant, never engaging with women in gossip.

Secretly she loves Father Lawrence, tries all she can to find herself alone with him.  Father Lawrence is not ignorant to her tricks; he laughs up his sleeve.  Those were testing times for Father Lawrence, it was not about Sonia, he already had a much younger lover.

At home, Sonia whines about everyone at Church. In her eyes, she is the only person who can do things right.  Most male parishioners are perverts who come to Church to pry on young girls; they will perish in hell; they are unfaithful to their wives, and on and on whining through her litany of the male species.

Women are not any better, they come to Church to show off in front of the old men, enticing them; especially seducing the young novitiate priest, and God only knows what they must be doing with him in the back room.

Of course, the world was coming to an end.  The scientists were now saying so.  After all the times Sonia said the world was doomed, finally, someone was acknowledging her wisdom on the world’s future.

Sonia did not like her husband. She endured him in bed, imagining it was Father Lawrence making love to her.

Her husband did not like her either.  He imagined he was with the tall blond girl who was in the pew next to him at Church on Sunday.

Sonia was sure that the reason for her husband’s reborn virility was that he found her very desirable…



evidence, why she

dumped her old husband


Hélène Vaillant©

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