Willow’s Song



The willow’s song, a waiting,
For how long has it been
Buried deep within my skin
Memories that seem so long ago.

There lies underneath the Willow
One bough with its head so low
It transcends the moment
Though it looks for tomorrow.

Within the willow, deep in its marrow
I succumb to the heat
Of times when we kissed
There under our Majestic Willow.

Much has been said,
Though never forgotten
I long for the time
When returning to the Willow.

The song cries of this waiting
It never ceases to sound
In the dark of the meadow
I sit against the bending Willow.

Wake up from your slumber
Run to my side
Listen to my song
I call you in the dark.

Why is it taking so long?
My voice is hoarse yet still strong
I never see your shadow
How can it be so long, long ago?

My voice is trailing
Embraced under the willow
There is but the sound of wind
Slumber comes in the arms of the Willow.

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems