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In the Moment


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How would we do it
all over again?

Thank you for
little boys and little girls.

My seven year old grandson has given me this gift,
to be a seven year old little girl whenever we are together at play.
What delight to play with such rapture
with the whole world there in front of me
engaged in our play at hand.

What little boys, little girls teach about life….
To be one with what is
Always in the moment.
The world is out there
waiting for my action
to participate, to mingle
with what next calls to me.
This call is my task of the moment
I am one within the moment
the moment is all that there is,
nothing but this moment.

Hélène Vaillant©

Artist Within


Watercolour- Intuitive Painting
Artist – Hélène Vaillant©


Artist within,
Bursting forth,
on the surface of being.

It takes self acceptance,
trust and acknowledgement of the creativity
that lies within
to surrender to its unwavering desire
giving it flow into color and sound.

On the canvas is the life itself
representation of all that I am, all that I dream
in the now and for eternity.
On the canvas comes the expression of courage
to be all that I can be.

There, in bright colors, within the sound of the brush,
making its mark for all to see,
as to recognize that it is on the canvas
that I am set free.
Colours dance and mingle,
Lightness of brush in hand,
flowing with open heart and spirit.

The flow represents one’s life from which the spirit speaks.
It is the soft whispers of my soul.
With each brush stroke I can hear these whispers,
the inner voice of my spirit expressing its being.

When the hands transpose
what lies underneath the flesh,
deep within the core of a being,
It is to be seen and awed with certainty,
that this spirit has spoken its truth.

How else can we be if not in the expression of all that we are?

It is in this expression that I discovered my potential.
It is infinite how far we can go in this expression of the spirit.
It is ever and forever the whispers,
the sorrows, pain, love,
all our most and deeper sense of emotions,
that so need to be heard,
allowing it all to surface
into this creativity,
that moves into form.

This representation of the form,
it is me,
it is you.
It is all that I am,
It is
the spoken whispers
of one’s spirit.

Artist within,
strike the bare canvas
into being!

Hélène Vaillant©