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A moment’s pause



1- Written in response to prompt:  What do you See? May 14/2019

2- Written in response to prompt:  V.J.’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #48: COMPASSION

As my husband lies in his hospital bed

blood clot placing pressure on his skull


full of tubes

I offer compassion as best I can


After today’s melt down

I offer myself compassion

For years

I have been this tenacious old lady

reaching to the top of the tower to water the plant

day after day

strong and determined

love alive and beating

The flower continues to bloom

the giver of water had a meltdown today

She will be back up those stairs tomorrow

Draft Model


Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner



Written in response to Diana Peach’s prompt: May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt

Draft Model

mechanical man
in designer shorts, mindless
they give him a heart

what’s a heart
without a life source

it pumps electricity
to a battery in his belly
every shot makes him smile

his partner
she has a mind
but no heart

what’s a mind
without a soul

her belly button
plugs into his belly
for a recharge

they join forces
erupting frequent power surges
right there in plain sight

how some gizmos function
is beyond me
do they have no sense

©Hélène Vaillant

Clear Sight



Hide and seek

Who knows I’m hiding

Did they run away

Leave me here

Is God watching


Imagining my invisibility


blurs my view

choking on my fears

of abandonment


Child of God

Bare of pretense, masks

Rambunctious stories

Stripped of them all

Will they recognize me


Can I be found

Who am I hiding from

Everlasting spirit

Where do I dwell

Can I come out now

©Hélène Vaillant

Written in response to prompt:

What Do You See? May 7, 2019

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