Moonlight Dance



She danced in the moonlight,
Reflections of rose, white and purple.
Crystals swirling all around
like butterflies in first flight.

Alone under the stars,
With joy in her heart,
Surrendered her soul to the rhythm.
She danced in the Moonlight.

Melodious voices echoed throughout the firmament,
Angels’ chorus announcing their presence.
Lifting up her hands, caressed
Reflections of rose, white and purple.

Fairy sparkles adorned her musical form,
Stars alight on the blessed gathering.
Enchanted halos above
Crystals  swirling all around.

Carried by the dance
Spirit felt total abandon.
Dainty feet are feathers in the breeze
Like butterflies in first flight.

Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry ( poetry type – Cascade)

For: OctPoWriMo prompt : OctPoWriMo prompt : Purple

Circle Dance

circle dance

On moonlight beams
Sisters dance with glee
Ripples of joy echo in the meadow
Laughter filled with sweet reminiscence.

Sisters are courted by their relative the Moon
Shining forth with rapture
Sending sparkles of light upon their feet
A blessing, charged with pure light
Love is real, brighter than the stars
They dance for the Moon.

Surrendering their hearts to the dance
Light carries their soul
Rhythm among dewy daisies
Entering into blissful sanctum
They merge as One dance, One spirit.


Hélène Vaillant ©Poetry