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Written in response to prompt for The Haunted Wordsmith

Elemental Writing Challenge April 10 

This week’s focus is Fire… Today’s prompt and image: sizzling



Image by Karl Allen Lugmayer from Pixabay




The fire roared, scattering embers on the sand

I skirted the nearby shack for any sign of life

Charred, still fuming a body lay at the door


It was then that I saw myself

contorted from searing pain

Nauseated by odor of burning flesh


I have been chastened

into the Fire of Hell

for lying to my mother


Mother is shaking me

” Wake up dear! Wake up!

It’s time for breakfast.”


In a pool of sweat

opening my eyes

the aroma of

sizzling breakfast sausages

scare me to hell


©Hélène Vaillant