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May Peace descend from Heaven touching all of humanity
May Peace reign in every heart
From all corners of this earth
East to West
From South to the North
Blessing Mother Earth and all who walk here
Anointing rejuvenating water on us all
That we may live in harmony with our God Living Earth
In Oneness with God’s given people
In Faith and Trust that we all make a difference
Establishing our Dominion over lower forces
That they be banished from all hearts

Hélène Vaillant©

Haiku – Autumn’s Promise



Autumn’s Promise

Shower of love
Descend on this Earth
Let it penetrate
The hard surface of my heart
Melting away all that hinder
My love,joy and well being.
Shower of love
Bring down your cleansing
Enable me to always be
Of pure heart and spirit.


denude willow tree
dry leaves circle to the ground
abandon to the earth


Hélène Vaillant/Mother Willow ©

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Trees in Autumn


Autumn prompts seem to be in vogue this past month. If I write one more prompt on Autumn I will scream.

Contradiction……I do not have a prompt to write about autumn today but I am doing it willingly, hehe.

Autumn is a lovely season. It deserves to be honored, cherished, praised and talked about while it is here. Today for instance it was incredibly warm here for this particular time of year.

Strolling along outside for a while I admired the trees especially. In autumn their silhouette can be fully appreciated. Amazing how much is hidden by the brimming branches of summer leaves.

Made me think of us, human beings, how we cover ourselves and do not let others see us as we are. At least not all the time but sometimes we do. There is so much to learn from our brothers and sisters the trees.

I don’t mean to go around naked, showing my silhouette to the world….But not to be afraid to show who I am, as I am, when the time is right. Letting go my control of pretending for the sake of looking good or being liked.  Since I discovered today that being stripped of coverings is beautiful and much appreciated for its essence.

teaching from the trees
life’s precious pearls
seeing beyond sight

Hélène/Mother Willow©

Prayer of Unity


May all gather in love and trust that Mother Earth will refresh and replenish its Nature back to God’s Garden as it was intended and ever shall be.
May all gather to send peace and love to those in need of comfort, healing, understanding and safety.
May all be at peace on this day so as to propel our consciousness into a Temple of Well Being for all who walk this Earth.
May all receive everything they need so as to enable each person to better their own life in the spirit of oneness and open communications.
May we all be in our own self the creation of Light that will help one another to carry each other to greater heights in companionship and wonder.
May we gather as One Mind, One Breath, One Heart today and every day.


Hélène Vaillant © Prayers

Doorway to my Heart

prayers 3

Doorway to my Heart

I see Heaven and Earth
Embodiment of Light
Cosmic Mother radiating Bright
Light emanating from the Core
A Portal to the Divine that is within and without
Doorway to the Beloved residing in the Source of all.

I see earth, water, fire, sky
I see love radiating from above and below
I see the Center of the Eye
I see everything and everything sees me.

Hélène Vaillant © Poetry

Peace for Mother Earth


May Love shine on the Earth
Providing shelter, food and love
To every corner of our Sacred Mother
Embracing all that is
Knowing that all is well
under the Sun, the Moon and the Stars
All is as it should be.
Though we can make a bold attempt
To conquer the enemy and vanquish the unjust and the untruths
We stand together in Communion and shout our Intention
That the World be at Peace,
That the World be Peace in itself
That it be Peace and nothing but Peace.
In the Heart of all that is Love,
And that is good.
Hélène Vaillant © – Prayers