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Light in the Dark


Ominous clouds
Have taken over my disposition
They carry me to the wall.
There, I face myself,
Dark, severe
and unrelenting;
A stranger to love,
caring and understanding;
Stained streaked tears
Alone in my pain,
Straining to comprehend
What needs changing.
Is it me, is it him,
Is it us, circumstances,
Dementia that stands between us
Tormenting illness trying my patience;
Is it the usual aggressiveness that
Has gotten me cornered
Without an issue to retreat to;
Reached my threshold today;
This too shall heal
Into a new dawn.

Hélène Vaillant©


Moment to Moment




How to tell the time of day

If the sun doesn’t shine

Hidden far away

Behind a canvas of clouds

Grey, clear and bright,

The clouds shelter the sun

Though I know, it does live there

It does not have a chance

It certainly takes more than a moment

To imagine the sun peeking out

Making its way to the forefront

Taking its place as the Royal King

To once again adorn the vast firmament

Extending from a light spot of grey

There is but one ray of light

Imagination conquers the moment,

Entering its Birthright,

The King is overcome and especially bright.


Hélène/Mother Willow©