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Willow and Me

A poem inspired by today’s heat wave – no poetry style
in the arms of the old willow tree,
in its protective shade,
from the high sun,

from the blistering heat,

I let myself be,


Hélène Vaillant©

Journey in the Meadow


Journey into the Meadow

Self constantly adjusting
It does not mean I am trusting
Though I sense and recognize the Star
That is guiding me so far
There remains a constant asking
Thus, I keep the door ajar.

My journey companions are free at my side
Though I challenge my own Self
For want of being left aside
Unbeknownst to me
We have all been taken inside.

The Pearls are bright
The Fox is light
The Amazon is clear
It leads us all near.

In the meadow we learn the verse
We call together, one sound,
The very first,
The Word of Glory,
Sound of Thirst
Satiated with the Sound
All is Golden when found.

The beat resounding and rebounds
Majestic Willow
keep us safe in the meadow.

Raptures of sweetest movement
the heart captures the moment
When the Willow opens its arms
embracing all life with radiating spark
we receive an abundance of all parts.

The sound is just, it is right
No other equal its flight
White Dove coo echo in the Meadow
mingling with the One Sound
Heal in the morrow.
Hélène Vaillant © – Poems

Touched by the Wind


Constant is the ebb of my heart
Enveloping all in tender sequence
Flowing dances in the Wind.

Reflections of sparkling hues
Flowing on the wave
Crystal water blue
Charging lives anew.

Golden Willow
Soon you will know
When your arms become bare
How precious your embrace
To those who seek in your care.

Carpet of Willow leaves
The end of a Season
Embedded footprints
Blue Fox, Silver Fox
Along the Majestic mighty banks of the Amazon.

The morrow is near
The climb not to fear
We are entering a joyous encounter.

Solitude is the breeze
Hear the chant of the swirls
Movement of air
With face turned upward
Notice our stare.

Touched by this life
Coming from all around
Oneness is abound
Prince Fox dancing into sight
Pristine White Dove
Returning from a Flight
Mourning Dove “coo”
To everyone’s delight.

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems


Willow’s Song



The willow’s song, a waiting,
For how long has it been
Buried deep within my skin
Memories that seem so long ago.

There lies underneath the Willow
One bough with its head so low
It transcends the moment
Though it looks for tomorrow.

Within the willow, deep in its marrow
I succumb to the heat
Of times when we kissed
There under our Majestic Willow.

Much has been said,
Though never forgotten
I long for the time
When returning to the Willow.

The song cries of this waiting
It never ceases to sound
In the dark of the meadow
I sit against the bending Willow.

Wake up from your slumber
Run to my side
Listen to my song
I call you in the dark.

Why is it taking so long?
My voice is hoarse yet still strong
I never see your shadow
How can it be so long, long ago?

My voice is trailing
Embraced under the willow
There is but the sound of wind
Slumber comes in the arms of the Willow.

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems

The call of the Lark


The call of the Lark

The call of the Lark
In the Centre Garden Heart
Formally proclaiming
That Fox is awakening.

Brilliant Silver Blue
Along with his own Kin
In the midst of morning dew
Quenched thirst refreshed anew.

Glorious sunshine day
Arousing the Fay
Resting on the bed
In one’s Dragon Lair.

The breath of Life
Embedded in the air
Preparing the wings
Of all delighted Munch-kin.

Golden hue Willow
Excited on the return
A Fair Angel a reflection of pearly glow.

A Mother’s embrace
Overseeing in the meadow
The exclamation glee
Of all rising to be.

Dancing on the Song of Wind
Floating on clouds of Life
All is given to the Field
Clear Mirror ever so bright.

Arriving with the Self
Spirit, Heart and Body
To bathe in the Heartland
Gathering there is the assembled Clan.

There comes Mother Bear
With little ones in tow
Way up on tiptoe
Succulent berries in sunshine glow.

Glorious Day in the Heartland
Creation of the One
Bringing all to be
Just as it all should be.

All is one.

One Water
One Amazon.

One Heartland
One Clan.

One unison call of the Lark
One Fox Kin.

Dancing on the wind
One song
One Heartbeat
One in All.

…and so ends a regular morning in the Meadow

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems

Giver of Warmth


Enchantress dance in the Meadow
Captivate the call of sorrow
For an instant
In the Chamber of Spirit
Love permeates
Our core satisfied with Bliss.

Mystery unfolds
Angel blessings behold
In the midst of our circle
Smoke on the rise
Drums on a High
Unity in One is nigh.

Comfort comes in the Meadow
Laying a carpet of fresh yellow
Brilliant hue giver of warmth
Offering Solace to the few
Knowing we are safe aside the Willow.

Morning has reached the Heart
Time for much anticipated restart
In the Masterful Meadow
Today is and will be
Forever yellow hued.

Giver of Warmth
Carpet of Yellow

Hélène Vaillant ©Poems

Golden Willow


Where  goes my Soul

Carrying the thorns in my Heart
To the Garden, sowing all that is apart
Awaiting the return of
Cleanse renewed sprouts.

Moving with lighter Self steps
Yonder the mist up the incline
Behold! A Magnificent Golden Willow
Upon which a Perfect Morning Dove.

The wings seen through the mist
Recalls a sudden shift
On the eve of sprouting seeds
Together they will be no longer concealed.

In the cascade of the Willow tree
The Dove fluttering with melodious glee
Proudly communicating my venue
To all who celebrate above and below.

Proud to be the Self
Feast of musical fluttering wings
There under the Golden Willow
I will surrender for the morrow.

Hélène Vaillant © – Poems