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Prayer of Unity


May all gather in love and trust that Mother Earth will refresh and replenish its Nature back to God’s Garden as it was intended and ever shall be.
May all gather to send peace and love to those in need of comfort, healing, understanding and safety.
May all be at peace on this day so as to propel our consciousness into a Temple of Well Being for all who walk this Earth.
May all receive everything they need so as to enable each person to better their own life in the spirit of oneness and open communications.
May we all be in our own self the creation of Light that will help one another to carry each other to greater heights in companionship and wonder.
May we gather as One Mind, One Breath, One Heart today and every day.


Hélène Vaillant © Prayers

Healing Prayer

May your heart be at peace
May you find solace in the depth of your spirit
Know that all that you are
All that you can be
All that there is
Resides deep within the core of your being.

Love surrounds you
Love embraces you
Love cherishes you as most beloved of human beings
Love heals you
Love cleanses your psyche
Allow this to enter the deepest of your consciousness
Love is clearing out the cobwebs
Purest love and most radiant.

Let there be light forever shining within you
Guiding you, relieving you of all pain and sadness
May you be refreshed with a shower of radiating healing light

Hélène Vaillant ©Prayers


Carry Me

Double Rainbow Hélène Vaillant ©.JPG balcony view

Carry me in Thy arms over the rainbow
Into the Heavens of peace and love
Carry us all beyond the Horizon
into the realm of God
into the embrace of Love.

Joining our hearts in this Mighty Spirit
May we be of one Mind,
One Source,
One Heart Beat.

May we make a difference,
Helping to carry those in need
Lighten their burden
bring them into their own Grace.

In the Ever Lasting Life we do know each other
We recognize our mirrors,
our own image,
our reflection
We are all One.

May we send our Light upon the Universe
to rejuvenate every being
so as to all be carried
within this Spirit of One.

Hélène Vaillant © Prayers


May all be well in your world


May all be well in your world

(Prayer for us all)

May all be well in your world,
Hear angels singing in the core of your heart
Whispering words of love and wellness
To ease your walk on this path’s journey.

May the world receive abundance and peace
Reach every corner of this earth
To cleanse and gently bring harmony
Further still beyond our realm to
Bless every man, woman and child.

Hélène Vaillant © Prayers

I will be there for you


I will be there for you

Listen to the heart beat of man, woman and child,
Bringing peace in the mountain of the day
Climbing to heights of fulfilling glory
Reaching to Heaven to join below and above
Attaining Peace for all Mankind
To share with all on this Mother Earth,
Bathing all in the Animal Kingdom.

Let there be peace in all hearts
Let there be love all around
Where there was no light
May it soothe the ailing spirit
May it sprinkle fresh morning dew,
Allowing the light of truth to shine threw.

May all be guided into the path of One
May there be no division between us
May there be light in every heart
Shining bright, welcoming the newborn
Until the last breath may it continue to brightly shine.

May all be well, healthy and wise
May all be fed, clothed and sheltered
May we all help one another
May you be there for me,
And I, be there for you.

Hélène Vaillant © Prayers

Peace for Mother Earth


May Love shine on the Earth
Providing shelter, food and love
To every corner of our Sacred Mother
Embracing all that is
Knowing that all is well
under the Sun, the Moon and the Stars
All is as it should be.
Though we can make a bold attempt
To conquer the enemy and vanquish the unjust and the untruths
We stand together in Communion and shout our Intention
That the World be at Peace,
That the World be Peace in itself
That it be Peace and nothing but Peace.
In the Heart of all that is Love,
And that is good.
Hélène Vaillant © – Prayers

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