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Merci Mon Dieu (Prayer)


Due to life circumstances I had closed my poetry site since I was unable to write or post regularly.
Today I am re-opening with a prayer of gratitude.
Welcome back to all my viewers and inspiring poet friends with whom I share this poetic journey.

Merci Mon Dieu  (Thank You My God)

Thank you to the great Magician, Omnipresent, Overseer, Creator of this Universe.
Your gift of Magnificent Presence is ever alive in my heart and soul.
Your protection rendered to me is grandeur
Than any words, verbal meaning I could ever express with satisfaction.
In your care there is safety, blessings noticed,
Though at times, I am guilty of missing your subtle nudges.
This blessing in particular could not go unnoticed,
You made me feel it, shown me your care, taken me as a precious gem
Rendering to me comfort through it all.
Through this pain, I am stronger, having trust and faith
That all is as it is and should be.
My acceptance has developed another level of comprehension.


Hélène Vaillant©




May Peace descend from Heaven touching all of humanity
May Peace reign in every heart
From all corners of this earth
East to West
From South to the North
Blessing Mother Earth and all who walk here
Anointing rejuvenating water on us all
That we may live in harmony with our God Living Earth
In Oneness with God’s given people
In Faith and Trust that we all make a difference
Establishing our Dominion over lower forces
That they be banished from all hearts

Hélène Vaillant©

Fresh Dawn

Fresh Dawn

Golden rays above
your grand stature
enchanting all vision
around and beyond
dissipating shadows,
mist and veiled countenance
there I find completeness
delving in all imaginable
needs, comforts and understanding
standing from the core
flowering open embrace
into a new fresh dawn

Hélène Vaillant©


On God’s Doorstep


Hélène Vaillant©

On my knees, at the threshold of God

I live with abundance in my Soul,
With never-ending exclamation
Adorning attributes to his Holy Name.
At the sight of Thee, I am small and humble,
Recognizing my stature,
A see my pittance in Your Illumination.

Whist I am dormant to the clamour of your voice,
My Spirit celebrates the whispers of your Name.
In this window of opportunity the blessings are felt.
You bless me with your  living waters,
Cleansing the doorway where I have entered,
You cleanse my impure thoughts, actions and deeds.

With willingness to join in the spirit of caring
I commit my own little speck of doing.
Connecting with all hearts
You lead us to your understanding.
At the corner of this time
I turn to the brighter Sun, Moon and Stars.
They guide and keep me.

The path is clear, at times narrow
Should I stumble, lose my ability to walk
Or, the thought of losing sight
I keep focus on the one Bright Star.
This Star shows me the vast Horizon where I grow.


Universal Peace


A Prayer: Hélène Vaillant ©

May all beings be at peace with themselves
may all beings be at peace with their own God;
May the Heavens, Stars, Sun and the Moon shine on our earth
bringing Light that is so bright as to show
every corner of this human race in a radiating Light.

May the Universe carry us humans to our Destination when our time is near
enabling us to see even brighter light that open to embrace us
into the Magnificence of Glorious Singing and Clamour of Bells,
announcing our return and acceptance into the Heavens Above
Heavens Below, Heavens all around us.

In the name of the Eternal
may there be Peace in every Heart
love in every smile
compassion in every hand
a knowing in every Soul
and let there be peace
in the World.  Amen

Hélène Vaillant ©My Prayers



PrayerNew Day

New day, breathe your warmth on my soul

Color my world with brilliance and glow

Shine your wealth on your nature world

Bring bounty to the human spirit

Comfort the world in your arduous light

Reinforce your existence in the midst of chaos

Settle the qualm and bring calm into your waters

Rise up and ride well the wave of unnerving indecision

Let your Light guide our Spirit to brighter tomorrows

Allow today to be gentle, fulfilling and without setting us apart

Join us all in one Family without distinction or falsehood

Center us in the Unity of all that is.

-Hélène Vaillant ©My Prayers

For: #WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Unity”


Prayer of Unity


May all gather in love and trust that Mother Earth will refresh and replenish its Nature back to God’s Garden as it was intended and ever shall be.
May all gather to send peace and love to those in need of comfort, healing, understanding and safety.
May all be at peace on this day so as to propel our consciousness into a Temple of Well Being for all who walk this Earth.
May all receive everything they need so as to enable each person to better their own life in the spirit of oneness and open communications.
May we all be in our own self the creation of Light that will help one another to carry each other to greater heights in companionship and wonder.
May we gather as One Mind, One Breath, One Heart today and every day.


Hélène Vaillant © Prayers

Healing Prayer

May your heart be at peace
May you find solace in the depth of your spirit
Know that all that you are
All that you can be
All that there is
Resides deep within the core of your being.

Love surrounds you
Love embraces you
Love cherishes you as most beloved of human beings
Love heals you
Love cleanses your psyche
Allow this to enter the deepest of your consciousness
Love is clearing out the cobwebs
Purest love and most radiant.

Let there be light forever shining within you
Guiding you, relieving you of all pain and sadness
May you be refreshed with a shower of radiating healing light

Hélène Vaillant ©Prayers


Carry Me

Double Rainbow Hélène Vaillant ©.JPG balcony view

Carry me in Thy arms over the rainbow
Into the Heavens of peace and love
Carry us all beyond the Horizon
into the realm of God
into the embrace of Love.

Joining our hearts in this Mighty Spirit
May we be of one Mind,
One Source,
One Heart Beat.

May we make a difference,
Helping to carry those in need
Lighten their burden
bring them into their own Grace.

In the Ever Lasting Life we do know each other
We recognize our mirrors,
our own image,
our reflection
We are all One.

May we send our Light upon the Universe
to rejuvenate every being
so as to all be carried
within this Spirit of One.

Hélène Vaillant © Prayers


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