Limerick Challenge: Man and His Dog


Master throwing a stick with his dog
Accidently the stick ends up in the bog
Covered in mud, found a catch
Proudly, dog brings back the stick
The humerus bone of one lost witch

Hélène/Mother Willow ©

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Limerick Challenge: Homonyms


Limerick Challenge Week 42: Homonyms

Limerick (5 lines)

9-9-6-6-9 (approx. syllables) not more than 10

Deer Mother licking her newborn fawn
Peeking, a man all dressed in fawn.
Birthing season is Spring
The village has a spring.
Village idiot mimics the fawn.

Hélène Mother Willow©Limerick

Limerick Challenge: He Said Yes For One More Taste


Cotton candy flavoured lipstick kiss
Enticing taste, wanting more bliss
asked for another kiss,
“Do you love me?” she lisped
Reapplying more taste to lips.

Hélène Vaillant ©Limerick Challenge

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