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New Day prayer



New day

breathe your warmth on my soul

Color my world with brilliance and glow

Shine your wealth on your nature world

Bring bounty to the human spirit

Comfort the world in your arduous light

Reinforce your existence in the midst of chaos

Settle doubts bringing calm into your waters

Rise up and ride well this wave of indecision

Let your Light guide our Spirit to brighter tomorrows

Allow today to be gentle, fulfilling,

without setting us apart

Join us all in one Family

without distinction or falsehoods

Center us in the Unity of all that is


Hélène Vaillant



Sue Vincent prompt: Beyond #writephoto


Written in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt:

Thursday photo prompt: Beyond #writephoto


there in the woods
hidden from all seen
boundaries removed
known only to me

beyond the edge
where light emerges
commence a day
singularly chosen

other worlds
retreating at best
unleashing stigma
connecting sphere

here lies misfit
quandary untouched
constant simile
asking me to renounce


©Hélène Vaillant

Enough is Enough


Written in response to:


Without using the letter “D”, write 100 Words – 100 exactly – no more, no less.


Enough is Enough


For a whole month

I have been

fuming over an issue

this morning

gathering together

a pair a scissors

one roll of grey tape

I went to visit the Nursing Home

my spouse’s

toilet booster seat

is broken

asking the staff

over and over

to replace it or

repair it

brought no result.

Using the grey tape

joining all the pieces

to make it usable

staff walking by the room

watching me with “this” tape

they will never be able to take it off


give spouse a new booster seat

So there….

Enough is enough…

Will someone wake up?

100 words….



Written in response to prompt for The Haunted Wordsmith

Elemental Writing Challenge April 10 

This week’s focus is Fire… Today’s prompt and image: sizzling



Image by Karl Allen Lugmayer from Pixabay




The fire roared, scattering embers on the sand

I skirted the nearby shack for any sign of life

Charred, still fuming a body lay at the door


It was then that I saw myself

contorted from searing pain

Nauseated by odor of burning flesh


I have been chastened

into the Fire of Hell

for lying to my mother


Mother is shaking me

” Wake up dear! Wake up!

It’s time for breakfast.”


In a pool of sweat

opening my eyes

the aroma of

sizzling breakfast sausages

scare me to hell


©Hélène Vaillant

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