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Wild Card – Hope




Written for V.J.’s Prompt:  V.J.’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #36: WILD CARD

Prompt from V.J.:   This week, I am giving you a carte blanche…well, sort of… there’s a catch.  Go back over the last week’s worth of posts or so, and notice any words or phrases that repeat themselves. I’m talking adjectives, or verbs, maybe nouns.  For example, when I look over my posts leading up to writing this one, ‘aged’ comes up frequently. So this is my wild card, and my focus for the week.

Now what is your ‘wild card’?


This week has been a balance feat looking high and low for the light in the dark…my wild card “Hope”.


In Between Light and Dark

self discovery
sweep aside useless searchlight
light lives in darkness


middle of the road
maintain equilibrium
tightrope performance

©Hélène Vaillant

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