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Chloe’s Secret

cat courtships

Chloe’s Dad sneaked up on the roof while Chloe was munching on chocolates.

” and!!!… a big pause, hands on his hips…and where did you get them things, eh Chloe?” said her Dad.

“uh, they were right here, somebody must have been up on the roof before me,” said Chloe.

” you can’t fool me young lady. Your tomcat’s disgusting scent is all over this roof.  Tell me where that good for nothing bum is hiding.”

” I love him Dad.  We have been secretly engaged for a year now. Our plan is to marry

tomorrow “said Chloe.

“Marry this bum!!!!! Where are you going to live?”

” You never wanted to meet him, Dad, Rudy is not a bum!”

” I know Chloe, you are right. Sorry dear girl, I wanted to keep you all to myself. It was selfish of me to hold you back. Now go tell that Rudy of yours that I will be at your wedding tomorrow.”

Have a chocolate, Dad” said Chloe.

©Hélène Vaillant

Written in response to photo prompt above :  What do you See? June/4/2019

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