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Puddles #FOWC




Today’s word is “puddle.”
FOWC with Fandango — Puddle


Thanks to pensitivity101(Di) for the inspiriation  (I just read her post).                        Thanks to Fandango for this fun prompt.


As kids we would put on our bathing suits , rubber boots and rush outside in the street at summer rain.  Puddles were a joy!  A downpour became a river between the curbs. Fun days!

My son had rubber pants to play outside when he was a little wee one. If there was anything that resembled water he was right there in it. The rubber pants did nothing. He had a stream of water flowing inside those pants, and full puddles pouring out of his boots. Then a river flowed in the entrance hallway as he dropped his clothes there, continued on entering the house with socks that could clean up the kitchen floor in a few sliding steps.