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Small Town Kid a book written by Frank Prem


Last weekend I downloaded an e-book titled “Small Town Kid” – A Childhood Memoir – written by Frank Prem. My interest in books vary all over the map though I prefer biography, memoir, or true historical novels. There is something charmingly inviting about Frank Prem’s book cover, a young boy and his bike smiling at the camera radiating a true childhood innocence.

Small Town Kid is a delightful little book, a collection of poems and stories of childhood in a rural town.   It is profound in its very essence.  It reads easily as you linger on each poem savoring that moment in Frank Prem’s childhood memoir.  You will see, smell, laugh, or cry as the author conjures up images that come alive.  There is a quality to Frank Prem’s writing that brings us right there along with him.

The following words are excerpts from a Small Town Kid – the first introductory poem.

…“I can hardly wait to take you to the places where my spirit lies”….

…”I want to show you where I grew and what I saw when I was small”….

…”will you walk with me”…

…”take my hand”…

With these inviting words I took his hand and read the whole book non stop. We were all little boys and little girls at one time, go, take Frank’s hand.

For your information:  links to contact Frank Prem