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3LineTales: Going to the Big City

A photo by Steven Wei.

For a country girl, my first time visiting a large city, it was exhausting, frightening, a deafening adventure.

With a mass of humanity hurriedly brushing against me in every which way, “Excuse Me” was a never ending record.

After this close call with insanity I concluded that my pristine and quiet country environment would suit me fine if only I could find a bachelor who cares for cows as much as for me.

-Hélène Vaillant ©Short Stories

For:  Three Line Tales, Week 32

Lightning Thunder

three line tales, week 29 – purple lightning

photo by Breno Machado

Do you ever wonder what creation is the thunder, is it to make us ponder
on the magnificence of power?
Perhaps it is to catch us unaware when we are left too long to stare at what does not mean much in our search through the muck.
Thunder and lightning, they make us stop in our tracks, just enough time to sort out the facts.

Hélène Vaillant for: 3LineTales

Three Line Tales, Week Twenty-Nine

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