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And…that is what happened



Angels were summoned to guide a mass of tormented Souls out from a dark abyss dungeon.

By now the mortal bodies were but a pile of scattered ashes at the bottom of the dungeon and the Angels had come to the aid of the Spirits which lingered there still intricately chained to the snares of their butchers.

Assistant to the Angels, the ancient building exhaled, opening wide the doors and all its windows and with Herculean force, it blew out the resistant tormented remains, the building then immediately inhaled, upon which it gathered all the butchers’ Souls, it released a primal growl voluminous enough to strike all the damned butchers into the fire of eternal Hell.

Hélène Vaillant©

For Eternity


Written for: 3LineTales

Three Line Tales, Week 116
Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).

For Eternity

Who would have tunk, me in space.
I fooled them all, dressed up in this spacesuit, they were addressing me as Captain Rose Marshall the one scheduled for this solo flight.
What an experience I am having but I can’t figure out how to get back into the capsule.




Challenge: 3LineTales

Three Line Tales, Week 115


With all my courage, I step forward to the window asking the handsome cleaner if he would join me for tea.

In record time, all muscles and charm, my heart aflutter, he waltzes into my apartment.

Spilling tea on his lap, he handsomely smiles at me announcing that he is gay while my mind is racing thinking of the lucky man who gets him, sigh.


Daring Escape


ThreeLineTales: Prompt – picture above 

Daring Escape

She loved to dive into deep water, no matter where she was, the thrill of any possible danger made it a welcome challenge for her.

Taking off her shoes she slipped out of her shorts , dove straight into the dark water and crushed her head on a rock where she remained.

What did she need to prove to herself with this daring escape would never be heard by anyone.

Hélène Vaillant©

3LineTales: Pumpkin Pies


photo by Shaun Holloway

Three Line Tales:  photo prompt

Pumpkin pies with cinnamon, fresh baking aroma fills every corner in the house.

Family arrives for our Thanksgiving celebration.

Seated around the table, we give thanks, eat heartily and for dessert, everyone oooo’s and ah’s when the pumpkin pies, dressed with real whipped cream are cut into equal slices then given to each one.

Hélène/Mother Willow©3 line tales



3LineTales: Gifts

three line tales week 36 service

Three Line Tales, Week Thirty-Six – Prompt photo – service

She offered it all, willingly, selflessly, giving to those who seeked her service, in their quest to heal their individual ailments.

Her heart rejoiced at showering those who came to her, showering them with the gifts she had been given, gifts that were meant to be used for the benefit of others.

The rewards for her service were manifold, worth more than any material wealth, praise or fame, this increased the strength of her given gifts, she grateful for this opportunity to serve.

Hélène Vaillant ©Short Stories

3LineTales: White Coat


White Coat

As you can see  all members of my family sport dark colored coats and since mine has always been white  it makes me wonder if I was adopted.

They  care for me with incredible respect as if I was a goddess from another world.

The only part about being in this family that annoys me is to be chosen to stand guard simply because I do not blend in so well  with Mother Nature’s colors.

Written for: 3LineTales   ….photo prompt above.

3LineTales: Yellow Car


We were young then, loved the adventure, carefree days, ah,sipping cool drinks while listening to the roar of the sea crashing to the shore.

Such were the good old days, riding our classy yellow car, windows down, tooting and waving to our friends as we passed by.

Today, we drive a car that looks like a million other cars, we don’t dare toot to anyone less we get the finger from an edgy driver.

Hélène Vaillant ©Short Stories

For: 3LineTales

3LineTales: Interlude Stroll

TLT week 33: a ball of orange wool

Looking up from her knitting, my sister handed me more yarn, a fiery orange formed ball of vibrant color, a hue that reminded me of the autumn leaves that were swirling in the crisp late afternoon breeze outside our window.

We smiled at each other, got up, donned our galoshes and coat then hurried outside for a stroll through the drying leaves.

When the sun disappeared over the horizon we were happy to come home, resume our knitting while warming up our hands with our joint silky wool knitting project.

-Hélène Vaillant ©Short Stories

For: Three Line Tales, Week Thirty-Three

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