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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #19 High Noon Lane


Written in response to the photo prompt above: Crimson’s Creative Challenge #19
High Noon Lane



“I’ll meet you at the sign, High Noon Lane,” said Jeff.
Marie slipped on her hiking boots, picked up her portable GPS and off she went.

The trek to the Colonial Trail was well indicated.
Jeff had read the advertisement details that promised a Shangri-la phenomena just beyond the High Noon Lane. Jeff and Marie had been discussing this all week with the anticipation to meet up at the sign on Saturday.

Jeff arrived way in advance at the meeting spot.  Sitting down waiting for Marie he noticed many hikers going passed the sign on the trail but no one seemed had come back yet.

 Marie finally arrived. She and Jeff settled down for a bit of lunch before heading out further.

And so ends this story. Jeff and Marie never returned.

Whispers on the Wind



Written in response to Colleen’s Poetry Challenge : Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 128 #SynonymsOnly

Prompt words for this week:  Spring & Sing – You can’t use the prompt words! SYNONYMS ONLY!

Etheree poem

Whispers on the Wind



tender shoots

yesterday’s seeds

rise beyond darkness

golden dawn anoints world

today’s vibrant serenade

promenade into calm meadow

gathering as one the old and new

mother nature inseminate beauty

©Hélène Vaillant

Settling Universal Issues

Crushed Caramel (Learner at love)


At one time man’s accomplishments seemed so impressive

Men would slap each other on the back and offer congratulations

Progress, technological advancement, commercial victories

Empires that were built brick by brick with blood and sweat

Crumbling, decaying beyond all hope of repair and renovation

Will they really be mourned when now they are being exposed

The destruction they have wreaked, the slaves they have broken

The misery for many while the few lavish themselves in riches

The end is truly nigh for the corrupt, the mercenary, the greedy

The beginning is near for those who want to live in peace and security

To show proper care for their home planet and all it’s creatures

For those who want all to thrive and live a full and rewarding life

Who is right to rule? that was the question raised long ago

A judicial record has been established and is on public…

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Small Town Kid a book written by Frank Prem


Last weekend I downloaded an e-book titled “Small Town Kid” – A Childhood Memoir – written by Frank Prem. My interest in books vary all over the map though I prefer biography, memoir, or true historical novels. There is something charmingly inviting about Frank Prem’s book cover, a young boy and his bike smiling at the camera radiating a true childhood innocence.

Small Town Kid is a delightful little book, a collection of poems and stories of childhood in a rural town.   It is profound in its very essence.  It reads easily as you linger on each poem savoring that moment in Frank Prem’s childhood memoir.  You will see, smell, laugh, or cry as the author conjures up images that come alive.  There is a quality to Frank Prem’s writing that brings us right there along with him.

The following words are excerpts from a Small Town Kid – the first introductory poem.

…“I can hardly wait to take you to the places where my spirit lies”….

…”I want to show you where I grew and what I saw when I was small”….

…”will you walk with me”…

…”take my hand”…

With these inviting words I took his hand and read the whole book non stop. We were all little boys and little girls at one time, go, take Frank’s hand.

For your information:  links to contact Frank Prem


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