Sister Catherine rushed down the stairs landing right in front of Mother Superior.  Stupified, Catherine held her breath while Mother Superior recovered hers.

”What is the hurry Catherine?”  asked Holy Mother.

Looking over Mother’s shoulder Catherine saw Father Sebastian’s shadow behind the pillar.

”Oh…” was all she managed to reply.  

She then watched Mother Superior’s complexion turning into a sunburned lobster.


Mother’s intimacy with Sebastian

Catherine’s agonizing jealousy;

Fresh-faced Seminary Brothers

Educate novice Sisters;

Faith’s pillars are shaken

Tumbling mass chaos;






Helene Vaillant…



image J.

God of all nations sent His ambassadors to all four corners of the Universe; Escorts to God’s messengers, Arjuna at the reins with Indra comforting through storms and thunder.

Of all persuasions, tongues, and hues they heed the cries in the firmament.  Carried by whispers on the wind they address Mother Earth: “Shepherd your people! Restoration is advisable.”


Salute majesty beyond cracked mirrors

Gaze farther than outward happenings;

Hold creation’s sole reflection

Blending all shades into One;

Faith sits at every door,

Whispers on the wind

Echo within;

Life’s canvas,




Hélène Vaillant©

written for: