About Me

Pebble Stones and Flower in Tropical Garden

“I am out with lanterns,
looking for myself”
-Emily Dickinson

About Me:  August 2016

My name is Hélène, a French Canadian, wife, mother, grandmother, discovering who I am with each passing day.
I am not a conformist or follower.  I love doing my own thing and learning from that experience, whether it is bitter or fruitful.
I seek solitude, quiet, nature, the simple things of life.
This is me today.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Educator/Counselor. During my younger years I taught classes in Yoga, Stress Management and the like, these in different schools and venues. Eventually, I settled down in my own little studio at home where I held smaller classes. In my studio I received clients who came for Holistic Massage and other Energy Balancing modalities.

In my  50th year I found myself letting go some inhibition that had held me back for most of my life. Due to ovarian cancer, I had just given up my private studio a few years before. After a whole year of chemo treatments, I considered it time to look after myself and climb the hill back to health once again.

That is the year I discovered abundant creativity of sorts, all flowing from within me; creativity waiting for  me to discover. I began painting, writing and other art forms ensued. With no training whatsoever in these fields, I was often comparing my work to those whom I felt we’re talented and trained.

Doing this for most of my life, drowning my talent because I felt it did not compare.  I discovered that if I let it be, without judgement or editing of any kind, it was right just as it flowed and manifested.

Here I am today, in my 70’s letting it all happen just as it is.

What a release it is being just me.



Comments appreciated

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