About Me



“I am out with lanterns,
looking for myself”
-Emily Dickinson


My name is Hélène.   I am a French Canadian, retired and living with my husband for the past 53 years. I am a mother, proud grandmother to the best teenager on this earth.
I am not a conformist or follower, pretty much loving doing my own thing, learning from that experience, whether it is bitter or fruitful.
I seek solitude, quiet, nature, the simple things of life.
This is me today.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Educator/Counselor. During my younger years I taught classes in Yoga, Stress Management and the like, these in different schools and venues. Eventually, I settled down in my own little studio at home where I held smaller classes. In my studio I received clients who came for Holistic Massage and other Energy Balancing modalities.

In my  50th year I found myself letting go some inhibition that had held me back for most of my life. Due to cancer, I had just given up my private studio a few years before. After a whole year of chemo treatments, I considered it time to look after myself and climb the hill back to health once again.

That is the year I discovered an abundance of creativity of sorts, all flowing from within me; creativity waiting to be explored. I began painting, writing and other art forms ensued. With no prior training whatsoever in these fields, I was often comparing my work to those whom I felt were talented and trained.

That is what I had been doing for most of my life; drowning my talent because I felt it did not compare.  I discovered that if I let it be, without judgement or editing of any kind, it was right just as it flowed and manifested.

Here I am today, letting it happen just as it is.

What a release it is to be just me.



48 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This, this is a wondrous truth : “I discovered that if I let it be, without judgement or editing of any kind, it was right just as it flowed and manifested.”
    a propos de rien, mon nom de fille est Deschambault!


  2. A beautiful ‘About’ Helene. I, too, was diagnosed with cancer two days before Christmas last year and am going through chemo. I watched other bloggers post beautiful watercolors so I have taken up that, too. Things change, don’t they? I do this for me..that’s what matters. Good luck to you.


  3. Thank you for your beautiful comment loisajay. So sorry you are experiencing chemo. You are doing a wonderful thing for yourself now. You definitely have to come first. Watercolor is great because it flows and you can just let it happen. I love the abstract. I do hope you have better days ahead.

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  4. Just finally finding time to explore your beautiful blog site. It is so creative and so heartfelt. You are truly talented and in touch with spirit. Donna


  5. Love the Emily D’ quote, and the Alice drawing–2 of my fave women in literature. You have a most lovely blog!! And I also like what you said about ‘just letting the writing flow’–that works best! Nice to meet you–thanks for visiting my blog, reading and commenting 🙂

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  6. Thank you Delyn, how wonderful to read this comment from you. Alice has always been my prefered of all fairy tales as it has so much wisdom in there that I still marvel at in my old age…


  7. You are So Lovely! Your face and your marvelous name! as well as what little I know of your writing/comments 🙂 I can tell you honestly that I read Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass 25 times during my early teens–it never gets old, and I still have a copy on my shelf 🙂

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  8. Delyn I just now read your second comment here, sorry I must have missed it. You are most kind and I thank you so much. I do still have the VCR for the original Disney Alice in Wonderland. Every now and then I look at it again..


  9. I can’t believe I’m just getting to reading this! LOL

    I (again) can really relate here, having not really embraced my creativity until after a major health issue. I’ve dabbled in many things and think I enjoy them all. Blessings,

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  10. How similar in many ways Greg. We do learn through illness, it does make us stronger and wiser. Have a good journey in your new discovery, and do continue to enjoy all your talents and creativity. Such a warmth to connect with you. Thank you for your kind comments always.

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  11. Helene, thank you….my Mom (she’s 90) always said, “you take yourself with you wherever you go”, I’m just realizing that she didn’t always mean ‘physically ‘…..

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  12. Dear Helene, I am so happy that you have found such creativity! It is all locked inside ourselves and sometimes we just have to have something traumatic happen before we allow ourselves the freedom to create. I am 68 and have been a self-taught painter for 30 years. I also am a writer now, and in the past 10 years have published 5 books of short story and mostly poetry. I struggled with a mother and siblings who were all narcissists. In fact, when I published my 3rd book, my mother (who is 96 now) wrote to me: “I can never be truly proud of you because you didn’t let me into your artistry”. This is the leitmotif of a true narcissist. I have let this woman command my life for so many decades. A good dose of therapy allowed me to break free, and that was thru No Contact. My spirit has just blossomed in the 5 years since. A great book I found was by Dr. Rollo May: “The Courage to Create”. It opened me in ways I never expected…and he did talk about this narcissism that seems to be deeply embedded in our society. Sorry for this to be so long, but I am so glad to find you, to read your blog, and also…..you look like such a wonderful and kind woman.

    My very best: Jane Kohut-Bartels

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  13. Thank you Jane for taking the time to write such a beautiful post to me. It is such a delightful pleasure when I can share with kindred spirits such as you. Despite all the challenges you’ve had you did find yourself and now holding on to it. We are the victor. Though I have had my share of negative statements about my talents and the like, I have too come out at the other end with much comfort in who I am and what I do. My 4th grade teacher laughed at my drawing one day. Ever since that day I was afraid to even lift anything that would illustrate a drawing or painting. Like you said it does take a traumatic event sometimes to bring us to our senses and drop our shackles that we allowed the world to put on us. Lots of people don’t understand my poetry, my art, my drawings, but that is their problem and not mine. It comes from within me and it is just what it is. Negativity does not influence me or silence me anymore. Freedom to be me… Thank you so much for your beautiful sharing…hope to keep in touch with you on WordPress Jane.

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  14. Helene….you made me remember something in 3rd grade and you made me laugh. I had fashioned out of clay a mermaid….with bare breasts. A tail and stringy hair…as only clay could make. Ol’ Mrs. Hoephner came down the isle to my desk, and one thump of her fist smashed my poor mermaid. I was crushed. I never told anyone about that….but it did stop me from creating with clay. LOL! I can still remember her angry face and her humped over figure. She was out for blood. Hope she has found her bench in Hell. LOL!

    You are right! We are the victors…regardless the boulders put in our way.
    Blessings from here!


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  15. Oh my, what a harsh experience that was. Frigid old lady…lol. Considering the time it is no wonder she was physical like that. Why did parents and teachers hurt the children in those days. It certainly did not contribute to better behaviour. It made us rebel and shut down. Thankfully some of us have found our way back from hell.

    Reminding me of another story….lol When I started painting ( in my early 50’s there was a teacher looking at my work one day and she ran into me with a bulldozer saying that I should just quit, that I was wasting my time. People told me she was jealous because I had not been to school to learn while she has a art’s degree…..lol
    My paintings were selling…stupid old nitwit. Good thing I ignored her and did not shut myself up in my dungeon…lol


  16. For some reason, Helene…I just read this. Oh, God! She HAD TO BE Jealous. I’ve come across this a couple of times…one was from a white trash boss. She was horrible. Made me give her back/neck rubs at work….not in my work requirements from Emory University but I was scared of being fired by this woman. We called her “Big Bird” because that is exactly what she looked like…from the yellow hair to the huge hips. But Big Bird was nicer. LOL! May your art teacher find her bench in Hell.


  17. Yes, this one was an old jealous, frustrated teacher that took it out on me….
    Oh, I like the Big Bird story….lol….gosh, I do think we are earning our place in heaven during this life Jane…..LOL.


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