What do you See? Roundup May 14/2019

Thank you all from my heart to yours.

This has been a momentous week for us all.  We have climbed to great heights, fulfilled our responsibilities, brought on encouragement, written uplifting verses for the tired and ageing.  We have also given wings to the grandmother, set her free, given voice to the flower.  Your stories and poems have been cherished messages of our shared human frailties, strengths and wisdom.



This week’s participants:

Reena Saxena

Di – pensitivity101

Heather Carr-Rowe – Sgeoil

Ladylee – ladyleemanila

Jules – Jules Pens Some Gems…

Eugenia – ThusNSuch

Fandango – This, That, And The Other

Beckie – Beckie’s Mental Mess

Ivor – Ivor Plumber/Poet

Deborah – A Wise Woman’s Journey

Frank Prem Poetry

Michael – Morpethroad

Dr. Lim Keng Huat – wonkywizard

Anjali – Positive Side Of Coin

Tina Stewart Brakebill

Willow – Willowdot21

Linda Lee Lyberg – Charmed Chaos

Susan Zutautas – Susan’s Place


Kristian – Tales from the mind of Kristian

Jen Goldie – Starlight and Moon Beams


Sadje – Keep it alive

V.J. Knutson – One Woman’s Quest

tiredhamster – Very Important Stuff Here

Anita Daves – Anita Daves & Jaye Marie

Paul Vincent Cannon – Parallax

Dorinda Duclos – Night Owl Poetry

Postcard From Life Lately


Frank Prem Poetry(reblog)

Irma – I Do Run

Namitha Tantri – The Dame Writes

Christine Bolton – Poetry For Healing

Helene Vaillant – Willow Poetry

Tanusri sen – With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

Chris Hall – Luna’s on line

Susi Bocks – I Write Her

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s prompt Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Comments appreciated

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