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April Moon

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Double Etheree poem

April Moon


ground phlox

budding trees

green grass sprouting

red breasted robins

pecking through morning dew

sunrise empowering growth

within and without seeds evolve

realizing cascade of life source

strength emanates above and below

sundown manifests April’s full pink moon

glorious wonder smiles from on high

humankind’s disposition lifts

heightened adrenaline jolt

**cuckoos out and about

nature postulates

core renewal

full of hope

great moon



©Hélène Vaillant

**cuckoo (s) noun:

 a silly or slightly crackbrained person:

an erratic person: crackpot

Written in response to:   Today’s Word of the Day is:  Moon

Enough is Enough


Written in response to:


Without using the letter “D”, write 100 Words – 100 exactly – no more, no less.


Enough is Enough


For a whole month

I have been

fuming over an issue

this morning

gathering together

a pair a scissors

one roll of grey tape

I went to visit the Nursing Home

my spouse’s

toilet booster seat

is broken

asking the staff

over and over

to replace it or

repair it

brought no result.

Using the grey tape

joining all the pieces

to make it usable

staff walking by the room

watching me with “this” tape

they will never be able to take it off


give spouse a new booster seat

So there….

Enough is enough…

Will someone wake up?

100 words….

What do you See? Roundup April 9, 2019


Thank you everyone for sharing your creative talents in this challenge.

It has been a pleasure for me to read and learn from your stories and poetry.

Due to personal circumstances, I will no longer be posting a weekly “What do you See prompt”.  I extend a grateful thank you to all who participated making this a successful prompt.

There are many wonderful prompts on WordPress to inspire us all.  I will see you there and around WordPress.  

Happy writing 🙂


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Written in response to prompt for The Haunted Wordsmith

Elemental Writing Challenge April 10 

This week’s focus is Fire… Today’s prompt and image: sizzling



Image by Karl Allen Lugmayer from Pixabay




The fire roared, scattering embers on the sand

I skirted the nearby shack for any sign of life

Charred, still fuming a body lay at the door


It was then that I saw myself

contorted from searing pain

Nauseated by odor of burning flesh


I have been chastened

into the Fire of Hell

for lying to my mother


Mother is shaking me

” Wake up dear! Wake up!

It’s time for breakfast.”


In a pool of sweat

opening my eyes

the aroma of

sizzling breakfast sausages

scare me to hell


©Hélène Vaillant

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