Do They Have A Phone?




Written in response to prompt:  For the Haunted Wordsmith STORY STARTER CHALLENGE #22
Today’s sentence: “Do they have a phone?”

This story is fiction written for the prompt: Do they have a phone?


My Mother is getting her Christmas shopping list together. She calls to ask me:
“Do They Have A Phone?”
(Of course they have a phone).
“You gave them one last Christmas Mom, do you remember?”
(Which I passed on to the grand-kids)

The twins are now married and have their own families.
Mother only talks about the twins being children as they once were.
Her list is imaginary,   she will not know what to do with it by lunchtime.

In her mind she still lives back 25 years ago.
That’s when my father passed away, a loss she was never able to get beyond.

She often talks to us as if Dad is right there sitting beside her.
Maybe he is and she can see him.. At least I wish it for her.

Her next question:
“Do you think they have a phone where your father lives?”
I pause… then say,
“Mom, if Dad is sitting there right next do you, why would you need to reach him by phone?”
“Oh yes I do need to reach him by phone!” she says.
“Why is that Mom?”
“He always leaves here without his keys, see?”
(showing me the keys to the old house we sold 25 years ago).
“Mom why don’t you tell him that next time he comes?”
“OK, then, I’ll leave the keys right there where he sits.”

“But, you know daughter, your dad has stopped talking to me a few months ago.
He doesn’t listen to me anymore.
I talk and it’s as if I wasn’t there.”
“Do they have a phone where he lives?”


©Hélène Vaillant


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