Smithy was dead but he did not know that 




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Written in response to prompt:  What do you See? March 19/2019


Smithy was dead but he did not know that 

A multi-millionaire, Smithy lived in the posh side of town. A few days ago, he proudly signed the deal on the purchase of the old playhouse.

This morning, he set out to meet contractors and designers at the playhouse.  His butler graciously let him out of the limousine on the opposite side of the street.

After a long look at the playhouse’s façade, he stepped into the street catching his foot into a small pot hole.  Meanwhile a car rounding the corner drove over Smithy. Unfortunately for Smithy, he never saw the contractors or designers.

Smithy was dead but he did not know that.

Dressed in his bowler hat, felt coat and cane in his hand, he wandered through the streets. He felt lost and annoyed that his butler would leave him in this dilapidated part of town.

Smithy knew not where he was, there were no one about to ask.  He walked and walked though he kept coming back to the same spot.  Where was everyone, anyone he thought.

A crooked ladder rested against a wall.  No way would he climb this ladder and risk killing himself in the process.

He continued his trek to nowhere. Day was turning into night and this frightened him. His last resort was to attempt climbing the ladder.  One careful rung at a time.

On the other side he could see long time friends, grandparents, his best childhood puppy.  Frantically he called to them for help.  They ignored him as if he wasn’t there.

Smithy’s voice became hoarse, he could no longer call for help.  He let go his cane,  pushed himself over the wall and landed on the other side.

His little puppy was at his feet and grandpa said:

“What took you so long, Smithy?”

©Hélène Vaillant


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