Written for: Response to – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #16

An answering photo
A cartoon
A joke
A caption
An anecdote
A short story (flash fiction)
A poem
A newly minted proverb, adage or saying
An essay
A song—the lyrics or the performance
You have plenty of scope and only two criteria: 150 words


Response – # 1

There was a time when the city had what we called “lower town”.  A long staircase from upper-town lead you to lower town. In lower-town lived all the poor people, infirm, bums, etc. (described as such at the time). Sigh!

The mentality of that time, separation of classes. It was no wonder that the poor unfortunate souls had difficulty coming from lower-town to establish their right in upper-town.

This in my own lifetime, I am 76, not living in the boonies, right in Ontario/Quebec Provinces.

Sad story when someone choses to discriminate against whatever, for many years, decades even, this has been our story, continuing to this day, in so many ways, while some think they are superior then.

Ok, just my thoughts on what came up with this picture…

Response – #2

stairs to river

This is the stairwell from my front door that leads through a footpath to the river.  Front my door to the river is approximately 3 minutes walking.

poetry (Haiku)


ascending stairwell
tread path alongside green space
ancient river flows


©Hélène Vaillant



Comments appreciated

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