Lovanna’s Journey into the Unknown – Part I and II written by Jenna




Visit Jenna’s site here:  An inspiring story written by Jenna at The Sunshine Artist

Part 1 and 2 – (part 3 coming soon)

Part 1

Lovanna snuck away, cloaked in the dark of the night, riding Starlight her faithful mare. Her heart racing as fear threatened to consume her. She knew there was no going back. Fear coaxed her forward as she entered the Forbidden Forest, knowing that the fate she’d left behind was far worse than taking a risk on what loomed in the shadows ahead.

Part 2

Lovanna clung to Starlight as they rode further into the misty night, afraid that if she let go, her nerves would unravel. The moon began to emerge through the veil of fog. Lovanna felt a sense of hope wash over her as the radiant moon lit the path ahead, guiding them through the night. As the stars began to fade into the early morning, Starlight came to a sudden halt. Lovanna startled awake, a sense of panic filling her as she realized that she must have drifted to sleep. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lovanna took in the view around her.

They’d reached an old ironclad gate that bordered the edge of the woods. It looked as if it hadn’t been used in years. It was well hidden amidst the forest and overgrown hedges, that looked as if they may have once been part of an elegant garden. Lovanna couldn’t help wondering what laid beyond the gate. Curiosity fueled her as she dismounted and lead Starlight through the beautiful long forgotten gate, where memories of years past clung with secrets waiting to be sprung to life.

Stay tuned to find out what secrets of years gone by will spring to life as Lovanna ventures beyond the gate!


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