Rose and Lavender

rose-garden sue vincent's prompt Fragrance

Sue Vincent’s #writeprompt Fragrant


Rose and Lavender

Queen Bee takes comfort in her children’s adventurous disposition.

One by one, busy bees charm their home with fragrant quality.

Queen Bee swoons to luxurious perfume of rose and lavender.

She never knew her children would be so bold

 as to forage deeply into roses’ chamber,

an unfamiliar territory.

Busy bees forge a path which promises opportunity,

survival for future bees and Queens.

The hive multiplies manifold.

In this decade of trying times

Bees will discover new ground.

Unfortunately for Royal Lady “What’s Her Name”,

fresh from her morning bath,

saturates the garden with her scent of

unmistakable rose and lavender oils.

Royal Lady “What’s Her Name”,  spreads her skirts,

settles herself for an afternoon reverie

on her prized bench…

©Hélène Vaillant

Written for: Sue Vincent’s 
Thursday photo prompt: Fragrant #writephoto


Comments appreciated

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