What do you See? Jan/08/2019

Welcome to everyone!

Tuesday Weekly Challenge

January 8, 2019

Weekly challenge

Mondays I post the “Roundup list” of everyone who participated along with their website link.  If you wish to be included write your post on your own blog, link back to this post with a “Pingback” or post the URL of your own post into the comment section of this post.  That is the only way I can see your post.  Then I will add you to the Roundup list. 

Thank you, everyone, for the fun we had with our last prompt in December: The Red Telephone Booth

Reena at Reena Saxena

Deepa at tjdt do you See

Jules at Jules Longer Strands Of Gems

Ramya at And Miles to go before I sleep

Paul at Parallax

Dr. Lim Keng Huat at wonkywizard

Rene at Vigil Hours

Theresaly250 at Culture Shocks

Sadje at Keep it alive

Michael at Morpethroad

Gina at Singledust

Christine at Poetry For Healing

Jordy from Jordy’s Streamings

Helene at Willow Poetry

Jenna at The Sunshine Artist

Dorinda at Night Owl Poetry 

Linda at Charmed Chaos

Heather at Sgeoil

V.J. Knutson at One Woman’s Quest

Tom at Beyond The Sphere

Oneta at Sweet Aroma

Irma at I Do Run

Von Smith at Above the Noise


Jan/08/2019 Promt –

Write a poem, short story, whatever you see or feel about this week’s photo. Link with a Pingback or the URL to your post in the comment section here. 


Have a good week.1c5686d2


Comments appreciated

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