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Discovery (Tanka poem)


Beneath dusty tarp
Grandma’s secret treasure chest
Hidden in garage
Spell encyclopedia
Magic Paraphernalia

©Hélène Vaillant

Written for:  Patricia’s Place… Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word(s) secret treasure

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Written for prompt photo (see above):  What Do you See? January 29, 2019



Written for prompt:  V.J.’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #33: UPSIDE-DOWN

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My dwelling rests on a cloud,
sole inhabitant
entities pause at my door.
Wise other presence
make known
castle in the sky
is my illusion
empathetic support.
Patient messengers:
“One day,
cloud will vanish
sidestepping no longer an option,
fantasy balloon’s
same spot were you took flight.”

escape brings no change
dreams calms imagination
at rest, time stands still,
a gift, tranquil refreshment
empower disposition
I can dream,
reflect, refresh
come back
where I sit
positive, wiser, alive
child within me
kicks and fights,
in the end
the option is
to face what is

©Hélène Vaillant

What do you See? Jan/29/2019


Welcome to everyone!

Tuesday Weekly Challenge

January 29, 2019

Weekly challenge


Mondays,  I post a “Roundup” of all links showing in the comment section of this post.

RULES:   write your post on your own blog. a) link back with a “Pingback”  OR copy/paste the *link of your own post* into the comment section of this prompt.

Prompt: Jan/29/2019:  Poetry, stories, whatever you see/feel about this photo.  I look forward to your replies.  (Check that your link shows up in the comment section).

Have a good week.  Blessings, Hélène  🙂


What do you See? Roundup Jan/22/2019


What do you See? Roundup: January 22/2019

Thank you all for sharing your stories and poetry for this week’s prompt.  We have  journeyed from the North to the South, from Darkness into Light. We did breathe in positive meaning with the help of little paws.


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See you tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 29/2019, for this week’s prompt.





Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Snowfall #writephoto


Written for:     Sue Vincent’s prompt “Snowfall” Thursday photo prompt: Snowfall #writephoto

Etheree poem form


children’s moist tongues
steal fluffy crystals
tasting euphoria
arms and legs, swaying frenzy
snow angels, powdery designs
rosy cheeks, gaiety, snowsuit warmth
hot chocolate aroma, mom’s kitchen

©Hélène Vaillant

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