What do you See? Roundup Nov/27/2018


Willow Poetry – What do you See?

Thank you all for another week of amazing poetry. Below are the participants, enjoy visiting each other.

Reena Saxena – I couldn’t have done it alone – Reena Saxena

Jules – Enchanted Boon – Jules Longer Strands of Gems

Deepa – you ain’t alone – syncwithdeep

Tom Merriman – The Lullaby Tree – Beyond The Sphere

Sadje – Thank You – Keeping It Alive

Mich – Heartbeat – Michnavs

Christine Bolton – Water Music – Poetry For Healing

Helene Vaillant – Celestial Book – Willow Poetry

Gina – the music tree – Singledust

Dorinda Duclos – The Piano – Night Owl Poetry

Linda Lee Lyberg – MUSIC IN D(EATH) FOR LOST SOULS – Charmed Chaos

1)  Charles Robert Lindholm – THE MAGIC OF OUR SONG – Poet’s Corner

 2)  Charles Robert Lindholm – THE MAGIC OF OUR WORDS – The Reluctant Poet

V.J. Knutson – Gifted – One Woman’s Quest

Heather Carr-Rowe – His World – Sgeoil

j.a.case – Our Painted World – Keyhole Poetry

Jordy – In Between Worlds (Part Two) – Jordy’s Streamings

1)  Irma – Twilight Sonata – I Do Run

2)  Irma – Moonlight Sonata – I Do Run

Jamie Dedes – Phantom Limbs – The Poet By Day





Comments appreciated

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