Into the Dark

November 29, 2018, prompt: In 99 words no more, no less)

Carrot Ranch prompt

November 29: Flash Fiction Challenge

write a story using the phrase “into the dark.” What must a character face? Write about an encounter, journey, relationship, or quest. Follow the ship’s lights on gloomy seas. Go where the prompt leads you.


Into the dark, we crawled
on hands and knees
moving deeper
into darkness

“Where is the fountain suppose to be Phil?”
“Phil, why don’t you answer me?”

That’s just like Phil
bringing me on adventures
that end into nightmares

A few more arthritic crawls ahead
and I hear a faint trickling murmur
momentarily, this calms my frantic nerves

My fingers touch dampness
then drop into a foamy pool of water

Way above this pool, a light opens up
Phil’s self-satisfied smirk
looking down at me

“Phil! How did you get up there?”

The light goes out
total darkness


(99 words)


Comments appreciated

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