Here Now



Here Now

The second of five siblings, I was born in 1943 to a young couple in their early twenties. My parents were poor, my mother had very little education. I lived at home with them until I married in 1963. There is 16 years difference between myself and my youngest sister.

When I lived at home my clothes were, hand me downs, either from my mother’s friends daughters or mother’s own clothes that a seamstress would refashion for me.

When I left home to marry my father was working for the Government. Through advancement, he was transferred to England in a Diplomatic position. My sisters, 16 and 14 years my juniors were the recipient of a Nanny, skiing in the Alps, Cruise ship voyages and private schools. They all travelled through Europe for several years during my father’s Diplomat posting.

The contrast between the life I had with my parents and that of my younger sisters is striking.  My shoes had pieces of carboard inside them to fill the holes in the sole.

I had many wonderful trips and adventures with my own children and husband. Once my children left home, it all came to a stop. Due to cancer and then disability issues, I am unable to travel.

Unlived lives? Not quite!

When I look back I know that it was all perfect then just as it is today.
It made me appreciate all that I do have now. It has served me well.  Today I have all that I need.

Another chapter of my life is here now and that is for another story.


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