Being Me



V.J. prompt this week is “Deviation”. It takes me a while to acclimatize to the word. I’ve never used it in reference to personal attitudes or actions.

What I do know about myself is that I am rebellious to the bone, sticking to my own beliefs and ideas. When everyone goes North, I want to go South. When blue is in fashion I wear pink. When pink is in fashion I wear blue. That’s the pattern of my life. I have never moved with the flow of the general mass. This has definitely set me apart in many stages of my life.

I’ve been pushed around, controlled and asked to conform too many times, leaving me bruised and captive within my core. Can this be associated with deviation?

Sailing through gritted teeth
I found my rebellious child within
an explosion of pent-up resentment ensue;
driven to find me,
catching the reins of my own life
maneuvering through mud and storms
eventually, I found stable ground
settled my feet, courage to be me.

©Hélène Vaillant


Comments appreciated

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