What do you See? Roundup Nov/13/2018

Thank you, everyone, for your precious, inspiring stories and poetry this past week.  I will post our new challenge on Tuesday,   ( UTC-5., EST time zone).


Photo Prompt – What do you See?












Participants: Nov/13/2018


Jordy’s Streaming – Shining Dawn – Aurum

Reena Saxena – Collective echoes

Above The Noise – Spark

Sgeoil – Essence

Being in Nature – What I see

Paula Light – Dreamlove


I Write Her – Mother Earth

Keep it alive – A tree’s prayer

Deepa – she is a firefly

Jules – Rebirth?

Singledust – blossom in stone

Poetry For Healing – Tree of Life

A Different Perspective – Looking for Love

Culture Shocks – Grand Performance

Mitchnavs – How Much Longer

V.J. Knutson – Abandoning Mother

Dorinda Duclos – New Earth

Hélène Vaillant – Mother’s Womb

Creators of Life – Reblog for our challenge

Rob Kistner – Final Sentinel 

Charmed Chaos – Alabaster Goddess

I Do Run – Loving Surrender

The Sunshine Artist – Elemental Enchantment

Emily –  Musings of a soul Eclectic – Bloom 







Comments appreciated

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