Sight Within

shadows Sue Vincent's #writephoto prompt

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt

Thursday photo prompt: Shadows #writephoto

Early morning, Sister St-Francis walks from the convent to the Sanctuary on top of the hill.  Unlocking the gate she begins her ritual adorations.  Though the Stations of the Cross have faded over time Sister St-Francis can clearly orient herself.  She can see them all as she did before the accident that scarred her with blindness.  With her white cane, she knows every inch of this Sanctuary.

Before returning to the convent she prostrates herself in the inside grotto  There she can hear the voice and feel it’s shadow. She knows it is there it has wings just above her.

This particular morning, returning to the convent for Mass, the shadow is fully noticeable to the sisters.  It is translucent gold with sparkling white wings enveloping all of Sister St-Francis.

shadow’s full embrace
a lifetime Guarding Angel
golden sight within

©Hélène Vaillant





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