Remembrance (1)

This week I have the topic of Remembrance on the brain. – World War I (1914-1918) – I am choked up with emotion and heart-wrenching compassion for all Veterans. Every year, before November 11, I go on a pilgrimage. Googling on the Internet, reading veterans’ stories, watching videos, movies ( Passchendaele); visiting Memorials around the world, such as in Belgium, France, Uk, Australia, etc.  Below is one link you can click on to view some of these places.

Memorials/Cemeteries all dedicated to the World’s Fallen Heroes. The Fallen offered to serve their country and its peoples by sacrificing their own lives. It does make me feel so insignificant, comfy in the warmth of my home, surrounded with what I need for a pleasant day.

Written for:  What do you See? Nov/06/2018




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