What do you See? Roundup (Oct/30/2018)

Thank you, everyone, for another great week of inspiring poetry.  This week’s photo has been in my albums for a few years. I could not remember any information about it. Deepa mentioned that she had seen similar sculptures in South Korea.

I googled trying to find the mysterious lady.  I did find her on a beach, in Busan, South Korea.  I also downloaded a closer shot photo of this sculpture.  Below you can read her story.  I found two interpretations, here they are:

Princess Hwangok of Busan

Princess Hwangok of Busan

(1)  The Legend of Princess Hwangok
Once upon a time, Princess Hwangok from Naranda, a mythical country of mermen and mermaids, married King Eunhye of Mugung, a legendary kingdom. The princess missed Naranda so much that she would come out at night and gaze at the view of her home reflected in her Golden Ball on every full moon.

(2) Dongbackseom island (west of Haeundae Beach), Busan, Korea
The mermaid statue is a representation of Sea Princess Hwangok (Topaz), who gazes into the open sea from the point of Dongbaekseom Island off to the west of Haeundae Beach. The sea princess came from the land of Naranda, a mythical sea kingdom of mermaids and tritons, to marry King Eunhye of Mugung, another legendary kingdom. However, estranged from her beloved Naranda where mermaids danced in the waves and dove deep below for pearls and shells, Sea Princess Hwangok missed her home-sea and so the waxing of every moon when her heart was at its heart-breaking fullest, the princess would sit on a rock and mourn the loss of her homeland while clutching a topaz bead given to her by her mother-in-law.

Roundup Participants

Michnavs – Indifference

Reena Saxena – Give me back my trust

Deepa – Unfair Death

Dorinda Duclos – Vigilant

Singledust – Lady Serendipity

One Woman’s Quest – Dreams Do Come True

Dr. Lim Keng Huat – Whispering Whim

Charmed Chaos – Woman of the Sea

Jules – Poised and Statuesque

Poetry For Healing – Mermaid

I Write Her – Where’s My Merman?

Willow Poetry – Lady of the Sea

Ramya Tantry – Waiting

Jordy’s Streamings – Nano – My Promise

Sgeoil – Drifting 

Bernie  Delaney – Dance Mermaid Dance

I Do Run – The Laughing Mermaid


Next challenge will be posted on Tuesday, Nov/06/2018

Weekly challenge


Comments appreciated

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