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River of Tears


Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt = untrodden

Thursday photo prompt: Untrodden #writephoto

River of Tears 

(Free Verse)

bottomless well of sadness
reside within me
ages of previous lives
forbidden escape to tears
untrodden domain of repression
thunderous primal scream
reverberating through infinity

blocked tears continue to swell
when life is no more
sadness will follow
navigating ocean of tears
alarming passage
fully extend the sails

©Hélène Vaillant


Life Sentence


Twittering Tales #112

Life Sentence

Their son’s court appearance was being held today.
His crime, killing his younger brother.
The brothers were ignorant of the fact they both had the same girlfriend.
The son found his brother in bed with her.
It’s the girlfriend he should have killed, not his brother.  ©Hélène Vaillant

272 (characters)  Twittering Tales #112 – 27 November 2018 – The Bucket List (write a story in 280 characters or less)


What do you See? Nov/27/2018

Everyone is welcome to participate.  This Challenge is open until Sunday, December 3,  at 6 P.M. (EST Time Zone – Toronto, Canada).  

Weekly challenge

This week, I share a video that is amazing.  It will surely inspire the writer within you to flow carefree as you write.

Here are the simple rules:

a)Write a post on your own blog and Pingback to this post here.

b) or, add the Link of your blog post in the comment section of this post here.

This week’s photo Prompt:


Willow Poetry – What do you See?


 Video to inspire your writing

Have fun.

I look forward to your writing creations.

Love and Light, Hélène


Willow’s Song



Willow’s Song   (Free Verse)

The willow’s song, awaiting,
For how long has it been
Buried deep within my skin
Memories that seem so long ago

There lies underneath the Willow
One bough with its head so low
It transcends the moment
Though it looks for tomorrow

Within the willow, deep in its marrow
I succumb to the heat
Of times when we kissed
There under our Majestic Willow

Much has been said,
Though never forgotten
I long for the time
When returning to the Willow

The song cries of this waiting
It never ceases to sound
In the dark of the meadow
I sit against the bending Willow

Wake up from your slumber
Run to my side
Listen to my song
I call you in the dark

Why is it taking so long?
My voice is hoarse yet still strong
I never see your shadow
How can it be so long, long ago?

My voice is trailing
Embraced under the willow
There is but the sound of wind
Slumber comes in the arms of the Willow

©Hélène Vaillant


What do you See? Roundup Nov/20/2018

Here you are, all the amazing friends who took part in this last week’s challenge. (Nov/20/2018)

Thank you for participating and for all your inspiring posts.


lantern    Weekly challenge

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