The Way-Stone


Sue Vincent

Written for:

Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Way-stone #writephoto


The Way Stone
Grandfather had many stories to tell us. Today he had a wish to go back to the Way -Stone. At his tender age of 102, he had seen many travellers on this trail.

Granting him his wish, on a bed of duck feathers, we carried granddad towards the Way- Stone.

“Nature has changed. Trees have grown where there used to be a clearing. The Way- Stone was a guiding light when I played here as a lad.” said Grandfather.
“You see all the ground stones set up in a row here?” he continued.
“These are the burial sites of our ancestors. They lived on this land with the Way-Stone.”

Pointing a bit forward to a concave area in the grass, he asked me to go forward and brush the grass with my hands.
Sweeping grass to the side I uncovered an anchored door.
I opened the door and peeked inside.

Down below was a beautiful ray of light shining on a bed a grass. Next to it was another bed with my grandmother’s name inscribed on the blanket. A skeleton lay on the bed.

My grandmother had died 15 years ago and we never knew where granddad had buried her.

Grandfather gathers us all together and then solemnly says:
“Today you will leave me here, put me down on my bed alongside my dearest”.



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