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Lady of the Sea

Written for: prompt = What do you See? Challenge Oct/30/2018

Double Reverse Etheree poetry form

mermaid on the sea Helene's Photo

Lady of the Sea

Long ago, alongside whales and dolphins
Swimming carefree beneath ocean waves
Peculiar beings entrapped me
Forcefully brought me to shore
Positioned their trophy
Permanently still
Clothed into stone
Numb abode
My heart grieves
For source of life
Direct gaze to sea
In the absence of breath
How can I reclaim my heart
Will strangers ever part with me
Respect appeal from Whales and Dolphins
Grant my spirit a return to the sea

©Hélène Vaillant


Written for:



Pinterest free image – Caitlyn Kurilich

Double Etheree poetry form


graced headdress.
Grave tearing eyes
behind hazy veil
beseeching liberty.
Wriggling worms inch in her brain,
demon denounces her evil
bellowing, “Kill the King! Kill the King!”
Dagger in hand perforates her belly.
Worms slithering in her infested womb.
Poison-laced blade reaching to the King,
demons echoing, “King is Dead!”
Exultation raise the veil
complete deliverance.
Embracing the void
she reigns on High

©Hélène Vaillant

What do you See? Oct/30/2018


Weekly challenge

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Welcome to “What do you See?”

Reply with a poem, haiku, tanka or short story
which represents what you (see) feel (within you) about the photo prompt below.

Write your post on your “own blog” linking back to this post with a Pingback. Or you can copy the URL of your post in the comment section.

Prompt for this week:

mermaid on the sea Helene's Photo

I look forward to your creative inspiration.

Have a good week.



What do you See? Roundup Oct/23/2018


Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s challenge (Oct/23/2018), you were all amazing, creative and inspiring.

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Dorinda Duclos – The Night Owl Watches

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Jordan’s Streaming’s – Great Great Grandmother

Sgeoil – The Brew

See you tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct 30, with the new prompt for the week.

IMG_0639 (2)

The Way-Stone


Sue Vincent

Written for:

Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Way-stone #writephoto


The Way Stone
Grandfather had many stories to tell us. Today he had a wish to go back to the Way -Stone. At his tender age of 102, he had seen many travellers on this trail.

Granting him his wish, on a bed of duck feathers, we carried granddad towards the Way- Stone.

“Nature has changed. Trees have grown where there used to be a clearing. The Way- Stone was a guiding light when I played here as a lad.” said Grandfather.
“You see all the ground stones set up in a row here?” he continued.
“These are the burial sites of our ancestors. They lived on this land with the Way-Stone.”

Pointing a bit forward to a concave area in the grass, he asked me to go forward and brush the grass with my hands.
Sweeping grass to the side I uncovered an anchored door.
I opened the door and peeked inside.

Down below was a beautiful ray of light shining on a bed a grass. Next to it was another bed with my grandmother’s name inscribed on the blanket. A skeleton lay on the bed.

My grandmother had died 15 years ago and we never knew where granddad had buried her.

Grandfather gathers us all together and then solemnly says:
“Today you will leave me here, put me down on my bed alongside my dearest”.


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