Angel Wings

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Cascade: a poetry form created by  Udit Bhatia


Angel Wings

Insightful Presence

Leading me forth

Across verdant fields

Solemnly entering

Towering Pine Forest

Bestowing Sanctum


Majestic visual aura

Sparkling rainbow colours

Radiate from the roots

Life source animate Pines

Soaring Guardians sway

Insightful Presence


Whisper on the breeze

Giant Pines calling my name

Rising echo within my heart

Colours swirling from the core

Searching for reason

Leading me forth


Ancient Guardians

Consciously still


Lift up their spirit

Welcoming wings

Across verdant fields


Voices in the sky

Draw nearer

Choral of Angels

Poised alight

Softly humming

Solemnly entering


Expansive wings

Settle on supportive arms

Forest communion

Murmur unison

Wings embrace

Towering Pine Forest


On Angels’ wings

Beloved descending

Golden light envelop me

Encircling reverent forest

Earth and Heaven merge

Bestowing sanctum

Hélène Vaillant©

Written for: WDYS Sept/25/2018

18 thoughts on “Angel Wings

    • Hello Von, it is an invented poetry form called:

      Cascade, a form created by Udit Bhatia, is all about receptiveness, but in a smooth cascading way like a waterfall. The poem does not have any rhyme scheme; therefore, the layout is simple. Say the first verse has three lines. Line one of verse one becomes the last line of verse two. To follow in suit, the second line of verse one becomes the last line of verse three. The third line of verse one now becomes the last line of verse four, the last stanza of the poem. See the structure example below:

      a/b/c, d/e/A, f/g/B, h/i/C

      To make the Cascade an even longer poem, use more lines in verse one. For example, if verse one has 6 lines, the poem must have seven stanzas so that each line of verse one is reused as a refrain in each following stanza (a cascading effect).

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  1. This reminds me of a time I was ‘camping’ with my folks when I was in my early teens.
    I got myself lost in the woods and climbed a pine high almost up to it’s top – so see where I was. 🙂

    A joy to read.

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    • Thank you Jordan. It was a beautiful happening on this day when the sky opened up as you see it in the picture. I was out walking with my 2 sisters on a cold fall day. It was cloudy through the woods, we were laughing and enjoying each other when the sky suddenly just opened up like that. We all looked at each other in awe at this blessing.

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