What do you See? Roundup for (Sept/18/2018)

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s challenge (Sept/18/2018).

image J.

We had a beautiful Mosaic for this week’s prompt.  The mural art (photo) was a contribution by Jordan, at Jordan’s Streamings.  Thank you for this inspiring work of art photo Jordan.   Jordan, (Jordan’s Streamings)  If you click on Jordan’s link you will read the inspiring personal life experience she shared in response to this Mosaic Prompt.

Here are the Participants for this week:









https://kiwis-soar.com/  (read here in comments)

https://ivors20.wordpress.com/ (read here in comments)

https://blindwilderness.wordpress.com/author/blindzanygirl/ (read here in comments)





I will post the challenge for this week on Tuesday.

Thank you all for your inspiration.


5 thoughts on “What do you See? Roundup for (Sept/18/2018)

  1. Hélène

    Thank you, Hélène for hosting these special challenges. Your weekly photo prompt, “what do you see?,” is becoming my favorite.

    And of course thank you for sharing the mosaic from my elementary school in San Francisco. Your keen and creative eyes saw the potential this photo would havebof bringing everyone together as it it did. I absolutely loved everyone’s posts, checking out their blogs; artful photography, delightful poems, stories and creative thoughts.

    Looking forward to your continued challenges and fun creative times! Cheers! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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