What do you See? Sept/18/2018


Weekly challenge

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Welcome to “What do you See?”

Add your thoughts, a short story, a poem or,
whatever will represent what you see or feel (within you) about this photo.

Write your post on your own blog linking back to this post with a Pingback. Or you can copy the URL of your blog post in the comment section.

This week’s challenge photo:

image J.

In order to keep the mystery for this photo, I will let you know about it in the roundup next Monday, Sept 24th.  Until then, I look forward to your replies. Have a good week.


36 thoughts on “What do you See? Sept/18/2018

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  8. Symphony Mosaic

    The colorful mosaic of humans
    Is bits and pieces of hometown life
    together striving, not apart
    Together, building something,
    A unified noisy
    Clattering stanza
    Making music
    In their homes,

    Julie Robinson

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