Photo: by Sue Vincent #writephoto

Matthew was a 4-year-old blond boy newly introduced to my pre-kindergarten class.  Sparkling blue eyes with a ready smile when spoken to, he quickly settled in with the children.

Matthew’s passion was to draw and paint.  His mother warned me that every design Matthew creates awake in him a vivid picture that he loves to describe in detail.

Past events
With mature speech
Verbalizes account
His drawing as compass
Wide-eyed children listening…
“Father and I prepare our house
Mother and baby arrive next week
Outside, shifting Tractor into Drive…bump
Dad is pinned under tractor’s chained back wheel
Buried Dad next day, Mom never came
Live with new parents now, strangers
They know not my real mother
Dad is still there in the ground
Mom, baby in Churchyard
House, a lonely shell
I hear Dad scream
Dirt was clay
Tears stung

Hélène Vaillant©

Thursday photo prompt: Spectral #writephoto



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