The heart-shaped leaf…do you have a message?

(If you have a story-message and you would like to share it, please do add it in the comment section of this post)

A bit of background on the photo of the Heart shaped leaf – I have posted it in (Haiku – Delicate) and What do you See? (Sept/4/2018) .

One day, late Fall 2017, I entered the building’s parking garage where I live. My parking spot is nowhere near the entrance. I need to turn a few corners and go down another aisle to reach it.

On this particular day upon closing the car door my keys slipped out of my hand landing on the floor.  Bending down to retrieve them there was this heart-shaped leaf staring right at me. Nothing else was on the floor but this one precious leaf alongside my car keys.


I felt instant love for it, its delicate composition and intricate lace design, a masterpiece in its essence.  For fear of it crumbling in my hand, I hesitated to pick it up. Then I told myself to at least try it.

Ever so gently, using the pads of two fingers I lifted the leaf placing it in the palm of my other hand. To my surprise, it remained whole.

When I first touched the leaf I felt the presence of my dear departed father.  I smiled sensing him there with his loving message in the form of this beautiful leaf.  I hurried up to my apartment and immediately inserted the leaf between the pages of my daily book of meditations.

It was a glorious message of love my father had sent me, represented in the characteristics and composition of this heart-shaped leaf.  It looks delicate, fragile, fading, alone, yet it felt vibrant, it stayed whole, it was heart loving, it had gone through nature’s ups and downs, yet its spirit continued to be ever so present.

I am one of these people that keep having loving experiences with my departed family members. Sounds odd to some, but very much a frequent reality for me.

Hélène Vaillant©

(If you have a story-message and you would like to share it, please do add it in the comment section of this post)


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