What do you See? August 28, 2018

Tuesday-August 28, 2018

Weekly challenge

How it works

1- What does this photo or quote speak to you?

2- What do you see with your physical eyes – your inner sight – your wisdom within?

a) Reply with your choice of poetry, a short story, a sentence, one word, a quote, a photo, a song, whatever will express it for you.

b) 1-Create a post on your blog linking it back to this post with a “Pingback”.  (OR) 2-Copy the link to your blog “post” in the comment section here.

Here is the Challenge for this week:

quote. what do you see

Photo quote provided by Jordan 

To read last week’s submissions go HERE

Have a good week.


9 thoughts on “What do you See? August 28, 2018

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  2. Title: J. D. Sedding’s Aphorism

    Haiku Opinion:

    • Confusion: Something is missing
    • Question: What is the context for this
    • Conclusion: Think I disagree

    Here’s what I found out:

    • Mackintosh adopted, as his personal motto, J. D. Sedding’s aphorism (noted English architect – died 1891): ‘There is hope in honest error, none in the icy perfection of the mere stylist’.

    Aphorism Language: a bit vague, haughty, condescending, and disdainful; not unusual for the upper class of the day.

    • “Hope” is groundless without clarity and action
    • “Honest error: as opposed to “dishonest error?”
    • “Icy perfection” is honored in figure skating😉
    • “Mere stylist” as opposed to “master stylist?” (& as opposed to a meerkat😉)

    • Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1893: Changed his given name “McIntosh” to “Mackintosh”)
    • Scottish
    • Architect: (Honeyman & Keppie)
    • 1899: Engaged to Keppie’s daughter, Jessie.
    • 1900: Married fellow artist & designer, Margaret McDonald instead – no kids
    • 1904: Partner, Honeyman & Keppie
    • 1913: Went out on his own
    • 1914: Moved to Suffolk
    • 1915: Arrested as a German spy
    • 1923: Moved to Southern France, Mediterranean to do only watercolor paintings
    • 1927: Returned to London due to throat and tongue cancer
    • 1928: Died

    If I were writing this aphorism:


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      • This fellow certainly had a colorful life. Thank you for all the interesting information.
        You have a fully packed haiku. I will answer it, not a haiku though.
        – I understood the meaning of it in my own way
        – the context, I imagined it was given from a teacher’s point of view to his students
        – the conclusion is that it did lead me to write what I did
        Down the line, we probably will never know the intended meaning or context, but we can agree to disagree.

        Thanks for joining in. I appreciate your honesty in this post
        Now I will go read at the link you posted.


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