Wave’s Blessing

Sue Vincent

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


Reliving long ago forgotten memories, my body tight in a fetal pose, I trembled with spasms of anxiety.  At nightfall, the clouds covered the last departing seagull.  In the tiniest cove, with uncontrollable fears, I kept myself well hidden.

In supplication I lifted my head looking out to sea.  One of the waves reached out to me.  I could hear it’s soothing voice and feeling her gentle gift of cooling touch.  She spoke of letting go, to give My Self to the wave. With flowing tears mingling with the wave’s refreshing gesture I understood her message.  I stood up accepting this wave’s blessing.

Eventually, I heard the cry of my teenage daughter, “Mom? Where are you? The campfire is going strong, marshmallows are ready, Mom?”

Hélène Vaillant©




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