What do you see? August 21/2018

Tuesday-August 21-2018

concrete plant


Everyone is welcome to add a few words, a short story or poem that represent what you see in this picture.  Leave your response in the comment section.  Pingback is fine too.


Haiku – poetry (5-7-5)

hardship, destruction
my consistent free spirit
achieved resurgence

Hélène Vaillant©

44 thoughts on “What do you see? August 21/2018

  1. I see perseverance, thriving anyway. Despite the dead, cold, hard circumstances around us, the greenery arises, stands tall, rising from the harsh conditions for a chance to be warmed by the sun, nourished by the misty rain and afforded the nutrients required left after the rain water recedes from its base. Alive. Anyway. True story

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  2. I always love your Haiku’s, and this what I see, in your stout little tree.
    Home Is The Air I Breathe

    welcome to our home
    the house of rustic brick and stone
    home is where my heart is now
    and now I live here alone
    but I’m cosy and comfortable
    wearing the same old shoes
    walking her every rocky mile
    she’s in every corner stone
    she’s in the marrow of my bones
    we share the air I breathe
    inhaling her gracious spirit
    capturing her living essence
    absorbing her love into my blood
    flowing through my pumping veins
    cascading upon my open heart
    caressing my solitary core
    embracing our glorious souls as one

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  4. I stand alone, standing tall and alive; do you see me as you pass by?
    It is me, the one you douched with pesticide then poured your suffocating concrete.
    Ah! you see that I am now fully alive and growing, shining my worth on this piece of concrete.
    Under all this grey stuff you poured over me, you were the loser.
    I conquered.
    Hail Victory to me.


  5. Following is my response to your clue!! 🙂

    Build China Wall to stop me
    or any other wall in brick
    and cement or whatever,
    yet you can’t stop me growing,
    for only a little split will suffice
    me, nature, to emerge and
    make company with you!!

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