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A Glimpse/A Moment



Photo: From Sue Vincent

Written for Thursday Photo Prompt: #writephoto (watcher)


Far into the deserted valley,

She saw nothing stirring.

She’d been told he had journeyed there

A noble looking personage;

Even though the mist

obscured the downward path

Her curiosity to see this being

Lead her into the walk;

She stepped through the mist

On the path to the Valley;

Disoriented for the mist

She questioned herself:

“Could it be an illusion

That played shadows in the mist?”

When she happened face to face with a man

Who appeared out from these shadows,

She excused herself

Slowly walking passed him.

As she continued her descent

He fondly observed her;

It was then that a nudge

made her look behind.

This being gazed into her eyes

Reaching to the depths of her Core.

For a moment, she had a sense of recognition,

Within the next moment

the mist had lifted,

There were no more shadows,

He was gone.

With heavy spirit

She began to rise

a steady climb


to her above lookout;

Up upon the hill

She conscientiously waited

If only for another glimpse…

Hélène Vaillant©

Evening Reflection/2


I am!

I’ve always been

Eternal I am,

In the chamber of your heart

I am,

Though you see me not

I breathe with you,

Though you feel me not

Your senses are of me,

Though you have forgotten me

You remain forever with me,

I am!

In the shade of the Willow Tree

My peace rests,

On your walks by the river

I am rippling on the water,

At the lake

I quack with the Ducks,

When you blog

I type with you,

When you cry

I sit with you,

I am always with you

I am  eternal Spirit,

I dwell in you

You live in me,

We are one

I am Spirit.

Hélène Vaillant©

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