Garden’s Treasure



Life’s treasures at my table
Splashing colors of Fruit
As many as there are colorful fields
Greenery sprinkled on the leaves,
A fresh aroma of things to brew.

There in the fire,
The one at my shadow,
I cook fish
And fruit
All that will not keep.

Meticulously brought inside
The garden becomes the center of my Dwelling
It receives shelter
Nature is taking a different side.
It is the bounty of my Season,
That Grows in a distinctive Style.

Change is with the season,
Transformation of life’s little treasures
To resume the overflow
Of all that passes into tomorrow.

It’s a joy of anticipated surrender
One that comes from great Sun and Water
Unto this Season,
Muted Spirit,
Warmth cherished at my Center.

Hélène Vaillant©willowpoetry


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