New Found Sprout


New Found Sprout

In the days of the ancestors there lived a lad clothed in brush and leaves.
“Why?” people thought, “why this strange attire?”

He was a wise lad. He had learned directly from the elements on how to observe what is given to him as a keepsake: using the gifts well while caring for them as they led sustenance to his life. Whenever other lads, of course, saw him they would make fun of him by calling him a living tree.

The lad knew of the mysterious energy, teamed with knowledge, that all came to him through his clothing. This knowing he did not take lightly. He would smile at those who laughed at him, then make a wish that, soon, they would also come to know.
Though lads laughed at him, they also questioned themselves in secret. Perhaps they did not understand the reasoning behind his attire. They thought that he indeed blended in with his surroundings. They also wondered how he dressed inside his own home.

One day, a lad followed him home, peaked through an opening. He discovered that the interior of this home was carved out of a vast tree, extending upwards into the sky. It had no roof. The walls were part of the tree.
Inside his home, he wore a lighter sort of brush and leaves. The lad was peeking through thinking that this was the same as he did when he got to his own house. When he walked into his own home, he took off his coat and hat wearing his lighter weight clothing.

He went home realizing that the lad had a simple way of life. Eventually, he made friends with the nature lad. More and more, he liked going to his home in the tree. He felt different there, alive, happy and calm.
One day, he asked his new friend to help him out in choosing nature attire for himself. From then on he wore this outfit when he visited his friend in the tree house.

Then there were two lads. People who saw them laughed at their outlandish attire. The two lads smiled at them. They knew something that most people had not understood yet.
The lads were happy living in harmony with their environment.

One day more lads came to visit the two in the tree house. They asked the lads to teach them what they knew.

Soon after began the change in attitude and consciousness in this one little town. The small village grew and spread far and wide. The teachings remained the same and reached every corner of the land.
When the teachers left this land to join their Creator, the people slowly forgot the teachings. Eventually forgotten the attitude and consciousness could not be kept alive.

People began to cut the trees, built houses and furniture with the dead trees. Eventually, there were hardly any living trees available. Their breathing suffered from lack of oxygen.

One day a child found a book sticking out of the earth. It was the book written by the two lads, as they grew older and wise. Further in his reading, he questioned himself about the attire the book was mentioning. He read more and more of the teaching instructions. The child then went out to pick leafy branches and leaves and brought them back inside. Using the bush and leaves he made fitting attire for himself. Soon the bush and leaves withered and dried. He was sure he had not followed the teachings outlined in the book correctly. No matter how well he read the instructions, he never succeeded in having any attire that lasted.

Eventually, he realized that the attire was part of a whole way of life; without the other attributes and elements, it could not sustain alone.

By this time it was much too late even to follow the teachings of this book. There was no more living nature to sustain his breathing let alone his body.

The child understood the teachings. He also knew that the generation before him had not. The sadness was palpable to the four corners of the land.

The child reached out to the Heavens. Tears filled the rivers, the oceans, the streams and much of the Land. Life began to sprout in the darkest of lake paths and river beds.

The child walked along with his new found book. He spotted a fresh, gentle sprout. In that instant, he knew this sprout would provide him shelter in the very near future.

Hélène Vaillant©


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